HIV/STI Services

ITIOC provides free HIV and STI prevention, testing and education services to the community, including on-site and outreach testing, rapid and OraSure testing, HIV counseling and referrals. For more information on these services, please feel free to contact us at (772) 461-7788.


This group-level, gender- and culturally- relevant intervention, is designed to increase condom use with African American women. Five peer-led group sessions are conducted that focus on ethnic and gender pride, HIV knowledge, and skills training around sexual risk reduction behaviors and decision making.

SIHLE (Sistering, Informing, Healing, Living, and Empowering)

The SIHLE intervention is a small group, skills-training intervention to reduce risky sex behavior among African American adolescent females. Through interactive discussions in groups of 10–12 girls, the intervention emphasizes ethnic and gender pride, and enhances awareness of HIV risk reduction strategies such as abstaining from sex, using condoms consistently, and having fewer sex partners. Through the use of role plays and cognitive rehearsal, the intervention enhances confidence in initiating safer-sex conversations, negotiating for safer sex, and refusing unsafe sex encounters. In addition, intervention deliverers model proper condom use skills and emphasize the importance of healthy relationships.

The film empowers those who live with HIV/AIDS, inspires compassion for people living with the virus, and motivates others to avoid getting infected. This film is about fear and confusion, hope and anger, joy, and the remarkable resilience that HIV+ young people share. Blood Lines illustrates the reality of being young and having HIV. It is an emotionally devastating yet ultimately uplifting view of young, positive people—a view that is completely personal, because it is seen from the inside out. Click here for more information about Blood Lines

BHP - Breast Health Program

Pretty In Pink Pledge

  • I pledge to empower, educate, and inform women and girls on the importance of breast health awareness.
  • I will educate women and girls so that they can educate others where they live, work, play, and worship.
  • I will inform women and girls that breast cancer knows no boundaries – be it age, gender, socio-economic status or geographic location.
  • I am committed to spreading hope that through awareness, early detection, and improved treatment methods, we have a greater chance of survival.
  • I will commit to connect women and girls to resources that can help them understand the importance of breast health awareness and early detection.

We also provide referrals for mammograms. Please contact our Specialist, Tiara King 772-461-7788 Ext. 105.

DGGP - Directed Growth Girls Program (comming soon)

Support for new program targeting adolescent females in upon the SiHLE (Sisters, Informing, Health, Loving and Empowering) program for peer led group counseling. Initial pilot to serve 20 girls by provision of services to reduce high risk behaviors, improving decision making skills, and avoiding HIV and teen pregnancy.

Gospel Training Center (GTC)

The GTC provides a healthy environment where the trainees are perfected in their character by evangelizing, shepherding, constant fellowship with the Word and following an organized schedule. After the first stage of training they are sent out to go to different cities, states, and countries preaching the gospel of the kingdom in order to hasten the Lord’s coming.


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